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    8,999,990 #MATIC transferred from #Binance to #Crypto.Com。



    EU legislators vote in favor of more stringent regulations on banks holding cryptocurrencies

    The European Parliament announced that the Commission voted overwhelmingly in favor of amending its capital requirements regulations and capital requirements directives applicable to banks holding cryptocurrencies.According to a draft law, banks will be required to hold a risk-weighted exposure amount of up to 1,250% of their capital based on their exposure to cryptocurrencies.The lawmaker said the changes were in line with changes at the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision , which is responsible for international banking standards.The group has published consultation papers in 2019, 2021 and 2022, exploring grouping crypto assets and recommending how banks should respond to potential risks. BCBS reports that banks have more than $9 billion in exposure to crypto assets by 2021.


    Arizona Lawmaker Wants Crypto to Be Tax-Exempt Property

    Lawmakers in the Arizona state Senate are considering a bill aimed at letting voters decide whether virtual currencies are exempt from property taxes. In legislation to be introduced to the first session of the Arizona Senate in 2023, Senators Wendy Rogers, Sonny Borrelli and Justine Wadsack proposed giving Arizona residents the option to amend the state’s constitution regarding property taxes.If the measure passes the legislature, voters could choose whether to make virtual currencies tax-free in the state in November 2024. Under Arizona’s constitution, all federal, state, county, and municipal property is tax-exempt, as are public debt, many household goods, and certain stocks of raw or finished goods, unassembled components, semi-finished or finished goods.With more than 4 million registered voters for the November 2022 general election, the state leans slightly Republican, according to Arizona’s secretary of state.Lawmakers have attempted to advance cryptocurrency and tax-related legislation in previous sessions, such as the 2018 bill allowing residents to file their taxes in crypto before Gov. Doug Ducey vetoed the bill.


    BlockFi’s Unvetted Financial Data Reveals $1.2 Billion FTX Exposure

    Bankrupt crypto lender BlockFi has more than $1.2 billion in assets tied to Sam Bankman Fried’s FTX and Alameda Research, according to a mistakenly uploaded BlockFi document assembled by M3 Partners.The balances shown in the unapproved BlockFi filing include $415.9 million worth of FTX assets and $831.3 million in Alameda loans. Lawyers for BlockFi said earlier that the loan to Alameda was worth $671 million, while another $355 million in digital assets was frozen on the FTX platform.BlockFi’s exposure to FTX is greater than previously disclosed. Following FTX’s bankruptcy, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in late November. FTX had agreed to rescue BlockFi before bankruptcy.A lawyer for the creditors’ committee confirmed that the unredacted document had been uploaded by mistake, but declined to comment further. Lawyers for BlockFi did not respond to a request for comment.



    The proposal to transfer all SushiSwap fees to the SushiDAO treasury was unanimously approved

    SushiDAO’s proposal to transfer all SushiSwap fees to the SushiDAO treasury has been unanimously approved, and will implement the new fee-diversion protocol Kanpai’s rate adjustment, which will be increased from the default 10% to 100%.According to the Snapshot voting page, 747 wallet addresses participated in this vote, with over 99% of the votes in favor.It is reported that the new Kanpai rate will last for one year until SuShiDAO votes again to adopt a new Token economic model.


    Vitalik Buterin Proposes Secret Addresses to Enhance Privacy

    Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin published a new blog over the weekend seeking to enhance privacy protection for blockchain users through a stealth address system. In his article, Vitalik Buterin points out that ensuring privacy remains a major challenge for the ecosystem and improving the situation is an important issue. Stealth addresses are generated by wallets and obfuscate public key addresses in order to conduct transactions in a private manner.To access these private transactions, a special key called a spending key must be used. Given that transactions on the blockchain are public, privacy has always been a big concern for the Ethereum ecosystem.Although some privacy mechanisms exist, such as Tornado Cash, it can only hide mainstream alternative assets such as ETH or major ERC-20 tokens. Stealth addresses will provide a mechanism to add privacy protection to NFT and ENS domain names.


    Porsche NFT fell below the issue price, tentatively reported at 0.909 ETH

    The floor price of the Porsche NFT project PORSCHΞ 911 in the secondary market has fallen below its issue price of 0.911ETH, and is now at 0.909ETH.The total number of NFTs in this series is 7,500, and as of now, the remaining 6,260 are available for batch casting. Some users believe that the reason why Porsche NFT has not achieved the expected effect is mainly because its expensive casting price strategy is not in line with the spirit of Web3. So far, Porsche officials have not commented on this matter.


    OpenSea’s transaction volume exceeded US$300 million in January, the first consecutive growth in the past year

    From January 2023 to the present, the NFT market OpenSea’s transaction volume has reached 320 million US dollars, which has surpassed the 283.5 million US dollars in December last year. It is also a positive signal after the decline in transaction volume for several consecutive months.Historical data shows that in January 2022, OpenSea recorded its best month ever with $4.86 billion in Ethereum NFT sales.However, starting in 2022, OpenSea’s NFT transaction volume has reached at least US$2 billion for five consecutive months, but there have been sharp fluctuations during this period. In the past year, only December 2021 and January 2022 have seen continuous growth.


    Wormhole Attackers Are Using Stolen Assets to Leverage Long Eth in the Form of Loans

    Etherscan records show that addresses related to the theft of $323 million worth of ETH in the cross-chain protocol Wormhole began transferring assets.The attacker’s address integrated the stolen ETH, and converted 95,630 ETH into stETH through the DEX aggregator OpenOcean, and then stETH was converted into 86,473 wstETH.The hacker also used wstETH as collateral to obtain a DAI loan of 13 million US dollars, which was used to purchase about 7989.5 ETH through KyberNetwork. The hacker repeated the process, continually increasing leverage.



    Data: wallets hold $2.46 billion in BTC, ETH, USDT and other tokens

    Lookonchain monitoring data shows that’s 12 wallets hold a total of 44,456 BTC , 760 million USDC, 522,446 ETH , 55 trillion SHIB , 21.6 100 million CRO , holds $2.46 billion worth of BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, DAI, and BUSD, accounting for 68%. Another 32% are illiquid assets. As previously reported, the encryption exchange announced the layoffs of the company, reducing the number of global employees by about 20%.


    Grayscale: The SEC’s reasons for opposing the listing of Bitcoin spot ETFs are illogical

    Grayscale responded to a briefing issued by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on December 9. Grayscale stated that the core view of the SEC is the regulatory sharing agreement between exchanges and CMEs for bitcoin futures ETFs . Adequate protection is provided against fraud and manipulation in the bitcoin futures market, but not in the spot bitcoin market.But any fraud that occurs in the bitcoin spot market is bound to affect the price of bitcoin futures, so the SEC’s view is illogical. The SEC will issue a final briefing on the matter on February 3.



    New York law firm Bragar Eagel & Squire has filed a class action lawsuit against mining company Iris Energy

    New York law firm Bragar Eagel & Squire has filed a class action lawsuit against mining company Iris Energy.Iris’ bitcoin mining operation allegedly earns bitcoins through a combination of block rewards and transaction fees from the operation of specialized computing equipment called “miners” or “bitcoin miners” and converts those bitcoins to Conversion to legal tender such as United States Dollars or Canadian Dollars is calculated daily. But the fact is that the mining machines used for mortgage loans cannot generate enough cash flow to repay the loan, and the market value of these mining machines is far lower than the principal of the loan.As previously reported, on December 12 last year, shareholders of bitcoin mining company Iris Energy filed a class action lawsuit against Iris Energy, accusing Iris Energy of violating the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Act of 1934.

    17:12 plans to launch Launchpad in the first quarter to help users withdraw pledged Ethereum

    The Ethereum official website launched by the Ethereum Foundation released the product roadmap for the first quarter. The key points in the roadmap include the launch of Launchpad to help users withdraw the pledged Ethereum, and the addition of relevant educational content to provide users with information about safe withdrawal from the deposit contract. guide.In addition, the roadmap also includes exploring AI illustrations and intelligent translation, and helping developers participate in Google Summer of Code activities.According to yesterday’s news, at the first Ethereum core developer meeting in 2023, Ethereum developers said that they planned to launch a public testnet for Shanghai upgrade in early February, and start upgrading the mainnet in March.


    Hong Kong has become a foothold for high-quality virtual asset companies to connect

    Hong Kong Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po said that the government has recently completed the legislative work to set up a licensing system for virtual asset service providers.Under the new system, the anti-money laundering, anti-terrorist financing, and investor protection requirements that relevant exchanges need to meet are consistent with the requirements currently applicable to traditional financial institutions, which is believed to provide a certain degree of market recognition for virtual asset exchanges. He also said that in the context of the explosion of virtual asset exchanges in the near future, Hong Kong has become a foothold for high-quality virtual asset companies to connect. It will create risk gaps in financial stability, investor protection, improper financial activities, etc.Paul Chan Mo-po also pointed out that the government and regulatory agencies are also conducting a number of pilot projects to test the technical advantages of virtual assets and explore related applications. He revealed that the green bonds to be issued by the government will be tokenized for subscription by institutional investors.In addition, Joseph Chan Ho-lim, deputy director of the Hong Kong Financial Services and Treasury Bureau, said that the Securities Regulatory Commission is formulating regulatory rules for virtual asset exchanges and hopes to start public consultation as soon as possible early this year.


    0xscope: Previously transferred 7% of the total supply of StarkNet token STRK, or distributed the initial distribution

    0xscope, the Web3 knowledge graph protocol, tweeted that its researcher Bobie found that addresses starting with 0x5c21 made 43 on-chain transfers 10 hours ago.694,895,781 StarkNet tokens STRK were transferred, accounting for about 7% of the total supply of tokens, and this part of tokens was transferred from the 634,725,965 STRKs previously transferred by the StarkNet token casting contract and the rest of the early distribution , 12 LockedTokenGrant contract addresses have not received transfers before, and 23 other addresses received tests from 0x5c21 on January 3rd and January 5th Transfer, 2 addresses received a test transfer on December 22. 0xscope speculates that this could be StarkNet distributing its initial allocation.


    FTX Bahamas Spent Nearly $40M on Hotels, Food and Travel in Just 9 Months

    FTX’s Bahamas company spent nearly $40 million on hotels, food and travel in just nine months. More than $15 million of that was spent on luxury hotels and lodging, $5.8 million on the resort Hotel Albany , and about $3.6 million on the four-star Grand Hyatt, Another $800,000 was spent on the five-star Rosewood Resort, nearly $7 million was spent on dining and entertainment, about half of which was spent on food service, nearly $4 million was spent on flights, and more than $500,000 was spent on postage and delivery .Additionally, the lawyers noted that FTX Digital Markets, a Bahamian-based company of the cryptocurrency exchange, did not generate any client revenue during this period.The company is also offering Bahamian employees “a full package of cars and gas for all employees, as well as unlimited, all-expenses-paid travel to any office worldwide.” Before filing for bankruptcy, FTX had about 1,310 employees, which means that each employee spent an average of nearly $12,000 on hotels over a nine-month period, according to technology tracking site Growjo.



    Data on the chain shows that the FTX US wallet still holds more than 500 NFTs on the Solana chain

    Conor, a former Bridgewater Fund employee and current Coinbase business director, disclosed that data on the chain showed that SBF/Alameda had purchased millions of dollars of NFTs on the Solana chain and once pushed up the floor price and transaction volume of multiple projects.The “6gfi6GSjrhqc5xDLtDkVrTR61Hi7GMNPmJknxvbqzb1x” address is the address used by SBF to bridge from Ethereum to Solana in January 2021 and inject millions of dollars worth of SOL tokens into it.This address purchased more than 500 NFTs in October 2021, including several blue-chip NFTs with prices as high as “5 figures”. FTX US launched the Solana NFT deposit and withdrawal function in the following November. All of these NFTs are currently in the FTX US NFT wallet, so FTX creditors in the current bankruptcy proceedings will need to claim not only the Boring Apes held by FTX, but also the Solana on-chain NFTs.


    NFT lending platform Astaria announces open-source codebase

    The NFT lending platform Astaria announced on its official social media account that it has completed the deployment of the project code base through the work of the past eight months, and now it is officially open-sourced and open to the public on GitHub to support users to mortgage NFT for Ethereum loans.The founder of Astaria is Joseph Delong, the former chief technology officer of SushiSwap, and he completed a financing of US$8 million in June last year.


    Report: Gemini-DCG dispute could be market bottom event in 2023

    According to a report by Arcane Research, although some uncertainty remains, the overall market appears to be stabilizing. All eyes are on DCG’s next move in its debt collection campaign against users of its Gemini Earn product, which could further exacerbate the downward price move. If DCG enters bankruptcy proceedings, it may be forced to liquidate its assets , and Reg M may be launched, allowing traders to redeem Grayscale Trust shares at net asset value.Reg M will lead to a massive arbitrage strategy of selling crypto spot instead of buying Grayscale Trust shares. If this happens, the crypto market could fall even further. However, in the long run, the market will eventually eliminate this effect and gradually become a potential market bottom event. Additionally, the data indicated that BTC’s seven-day volatility fell to 0.7%, its lowest point in two and a half years.The 30-day volatility has followed a similar trend and is currently hovering around 1.4%, matching levels briefly touched before FTX crashed in early November last year. In fact, since February 2019, the number has fallen only seven times. These periods of low volatility rarely last for long, Arcane said. As a result, periods of volatility compression are often followed by wild swings, even in market downturns.


    Shiba Inu’s second-tier solution Shibarium: Every transaction will destroy SHIB, and the Beta test version will be launched soon

    Shibarium Network, the second-tier solution of Shiba Inu, tweeted that it has noticed some rumors on the Internet that Shibarium will choose to use other tokens other than SHIB and BONE on the network, so it issued a statement confirming that SHIB will be destroyed in every transaction on the chain and will still be BONE will be used to pay for gas.BONE is also the only token Shibarium chooses to pay gas fees, and the network protocol will not use other tokens.At the same time, Shibarium also clarified that its blockchain is not a project around ownership and interoperability with other tokens, and the Beta test version will be launched soon.



    Asset Management Giant BlackRock Adds Bitcoin to Its Global Allocation Fund Portfolio

    Asset management giant BlackRock has added bitcoin to the portfolio of its Blackrock Global Allocation Fund.BlackRock said in a filing that the fund may invest in cash-settled bitcoin futures traded on commodity exchanges registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.According to the report, this is one of the first general funds to add Bitcoin to its portfolio, showing that Bitcoin has become a sufficiently mature diversified asset that it is a valuable investment even in very conservative portfolios. .It is reported that BlackRock Global Allocation Fund invests in stocks, bonds and short-term securities of corporate and government issuers on a global scale, without prescribed restrictions. “Under normal market conditions, the fund invests at least 70% of its total assets in securities of corporate and government issuers,” BlackRock said. In addition, the fund may invest in equity securities of small and emerging growth companies .


    Data: By the end of last year, Binance had controlled 92% of Bitcoin spot transactions

    By the end of 2022, Binance’s share of the Bitcoin spot trading market will rise to 92%, according to Arcane Research. At the beginning of last year, Binance had a market share of only 45%, but the removal of transaction fees last June and the collapse of rival FTX both prompted users to switch to Binance.Meanwhile, a report from CryptoCompare showed that Binance had a 66.7% share of the overall crypto market at the end of last year, well ahead of second-ranked Coinbase .Rumors of Binance’s solvency increased significantly after the FTX crash, and the exchange experienced some outflows for a short period of time, but the situation has since stabilized. Such a high market share could cause serious problems for the industry if Binance runs into any problems.


    Wemade plans to launch an Ethereum Layer 2 platform using zero-knowledge proof technology

    South Korean game giant Wemade is entering the “Ethereum Layer 2” market. As the first step, the company will launch the Layer 2 platform test network in March. The test network will adopt the internal research of its zero-knowledge proof research center established in December last year. Technology.Wemade plans to release the official version of the platform in June, and it believes that connecting the blockchain platform “Wemix 3.0” with the Ethereum Layer 2 platform will help expand the Wemix ecosystem.Previously, it was reported in December last year that WeMade’s chain game platform token WEMIX was delisted by several South Korean exchanges.


    Memeland Captain NFT “CaptainZ” was released within 12 minutes, and the team’s income was about 9801 ETH

    The Memeland Captain NFT project “The CaptainZ” issued a document stating that more than 9,999 deposits were received 669 seconds after the casting was started, and therefore the casting of the Waitlist qualification was stopped.The minting time is 48 hours, and the minting price is 1.069ETH. Users eligible for minting include: Memelist, PotatoZ or Waitlist holders.As of press time, 14,546 users have participated. “The CaptainZ” is the third project in the Memeland ecosystem.According to the information on the project’s official website, there are actually only 9,169 captain NFTs available for casting, and the remaining CaptainZ that has not been cast will be included in the Memeland Treasury. The estimated team income is 9,801.661 ETH.


    Online password management platform LastPass hit with class action lawsuit, accused of stealing more than $50,000 in Bitcoin due to data breach

    An unnamed plaintiff, known as John Doe, filed a class action lawsuit against online password management platform LastPass in U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts on behalf of other similarly situated plaintiffs.Alleging that the LastPass data breach resulted in the theft of approximately $53,000 worth of Bitcoin, the plaintiff claims he began accumulating BTC in July 2022 and updated his master password to 12+ characters using a password generator as recommended by LastPass best practices , however, on or around Thanksgiving weekend in 2022, plaintiff’s bitcoins were stolen using his private key stored at defendant’s LastPass.Previously, LastPass disclosed last December that an unauthorized party had gained access to a third-party cloud storage service, which LastPass used to store archived backups of its production data.



    The White House: SBF’s visit to the White House last year was mainly about the pandemic, but also general information about encryption

    In response to SBF’s four visits to the White House during 2022, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre responded at a news conference on Tuesday that all meetings between White House officials and SBF have focused mainly on the nonprofit’s pandemic preparedness plan , however, the conversation may also touch on general information about the crypto industry and cryptocurrency exchanges.According to recently released White House records, SBF last visited the White House on September 9, 2022, mainly to lobby lawmakers to pass the Digital Commodities Consumer Protection Act to adjust the cryptocurrency regulatory framework.


    The founder of the NFT project Goobers embezzled investors’ funds for gambling and lost all his assets

    Encryption entrepreneur DNP3 issued a statement on social media saying that he was addicted to gambling, misappropriated investors’ funds and lost all his assets.It is reported that DNP3’s entrepreneurial projects include The Goobers NFT, Metaverse platform Gridcraft Network, and charity-focused cryptocurrency CluCoin.The exact loss is not yet known, but after the news was announced, the price of CluCoin plummeted 63%, and The Goobers market value fell 9%. According to OpenSea data, TheGoobers’ total sales amounted to 968ETH, or about $1.1 million.


    Data: 70% of DOGE addresses have held coins for more than 1 year

    According to IntoTheBlock analysis data, 70% of Dogecoin DOGE addresses have been held for more than 1 year, but a small part of them exist in the Indian market, and 53% of DOGE holders are currently in a profitable state, while more than 3 million Among the non-zero DOGE wallets, about 2.23 million wallets have positive profit and loss, accounting for about 74.3%.


    Large-scale hacking attacks on NFTs such as CryptoPunk and BAYC occurred, and the value of NFTs lost exceeded 600ETH

    NFT community member Cirrus tweeted that a large-scale hacker attack occurred, resulting in the theft of CryptoPunk#4608, CryptoPunk#965, BAYC#1723 and other NFTs, and the value of the lost NFT was about 600ETH .In addition, Twitter user @CryptoNovo311 claimed that 4 CryptoPunks held by him were stolen. ZachXBT said that the hacker seems to be the same hacker who stole about 111 NFTs from the NFT project KUMALEON, and the hacker usually uses FixedFloat as an exchange.


    Bitcoin Core Developer Seeks FBI to Recover Stolen BTC

    Bitcoin Core developer Luke Dashjr has asked the FBI to assist him in recovering $3.6 million worth of digital assets stolen from his storage wallet on New Year’s Eve.It is reported that Luke Dashjr, the core developer of Bitcoin, disclosed on social media that his PGP key was leaked, resulting in the theft of 200 BTC, which amounted to about 3.6 million U.S. dollars.In addition, Luke Dashjr also reminded the crypto community not to download the Bitcoin Knots application for the time being, including the updated version of this application.



    Bahamas SEC: FTX’s new CEO has made major misstatements, Bahamas did not instruct SBF to mint a large number of new tokens

    The Bahamas Securities and Exchange Commission officially issued a statement stating that it must once again correct the major misstatements made by John J. Ray III, the representative of the FTX debtor, in media and court documents. Among them, on December 30, 2022, John J. Ray III publicly questioned the Commission’s calculation of digital assets, which were transferred to digital wallets controlled by the Commission on November 12, 2022, in order to exercise its authority as a regulator. powers, and acting on the order of the Supreme Court of the Bahamas, this public assertion by John J. Ray III is based on incomplete information.Prior to this, John J. Ray III also issued public statements claiming that the Bahamas directed SBF to mint a large number of new tokens. These statements were submitted in court documents without evidence on December 12, 2022, and then on December 13. The U.S. House of Representatives Financial Services Committee testified again that the international media widely reported the statement that Bahamian officials directed FTX employees to mint $300 million in new FTT tokens. Such unfounded statements created distrust of public institutions in the Bahamas. The process of acquiring digital assets that are in the custody or control of an institution.


    Zhu Su: DCG conspired with FTX to attack LUNA and stETH, Barry and SBF have a close relationship

    Zhu Su, co-founder of Three Arrows Capital, said: “DCG and FTX conspired to attack LUNA and stETH, and made a lot of money in the process. Last summer, DCG suffered huge losses due to the bankruptcy of Three Arrows Capital, and Babel Finance and other participants The same goes for GBTC’s company. They could have soberly chosen to restructure at the time, and instead they plugged the hole with a ‘left handed right handed’ callable promissory note. It’s like a kid losing poker and saying ‘my dad will pay you, Let me keep playing’, but ‘Daddy’ is himself.”Zhu Su added: “DCG, like FTX, has been misleading customers for the past few months and also used various methods to attack Three Arrows Capital. No one asked how Genesis filled the hole. And it has been taking more deposits during this time And hope the market price goes up. DCG is now worthless and involved in criminal fraud, and most people in the industry know that DCG founder Barry and SBF were close from the beginning .Creditors of Genesis, which will push it into bankruptcy in the next few days and take over the remaining DCG assets, may demand that Barry pay off his cash in an easy way, rather than waiting for a criminal case and restitution penalty from the US Department of Justice. “


    The proportion of Bitcoin holdings held by Holders for 6 months or less fell to 15%, a record low

    Data analysis by blockchain analysis company Glassnode shows that the group of Bitcoin holders who have held for 6 months or less currently owns about 3 million BTC, equivalent to 15% of the total circulating supply, the lowest percentage ever .It is reported that the last time the indicator hit a low point occurred in the 2015 bear market, when the figure was about 17%, but in the more than two years since then, the price of Bitcoin has risen from $200 to $20,000.Analysis shows that the group of Bitcoin holders who have held for 6 months or less typically proliferates during two key events, a bull market when long-term investors invest and withdraw during market strength, and capitulation and selling During this period, widespread market panic will cause users who have held coins for a short period of time to re-enter the circulation.


    Data: The Bitcoin Volatility Index fell to 49.67 on the first day of 2023, a new low since April 2019

    The BitVol Index launched by the financial index company T3 Index and the Bitcoin options trading platform LedgerX fell to 49.67 on January 1, 2023, a new low since April 2019. On January 2, the BitVol index rose slightly to 50.14.The BitVol Index measures the expected 30-day implied volatility derived from the price of tradable bitcoin options. Implied volatility is the volatility implied by the actual option price. It is the volatility derived by using the B-S option pricing formula, substituting the actual price of the option and other parameters except the volatility σ into the formula.The actual price of options is formed by the competition of many option traders. Therefore, the implied volatility represents the market participants’ views and expectations on the future of the market, and is therefore considered to be the closest to the real volatility at that time.


    Data: In 2022, Ethereum occupies 80% of all block space fees, and BNB Chain occupies the remaining 80%

    Encryption researcher Data_Always published an article stating that in 2022, Ethereum will account for 80% of all block space fees, and BNB Chain will account for 80% of the remaining fees, while the largest simple transmission models will only account for 80% of all block space fees in 2022. Insignificant fee.In one day when the Otherdeed NFT is minted, the fees generated on Ethereum exceed the annual fees of Bitcoin in 2022. The gas share used by L2 has tripled, but the adoption rate is still not high, but it may improve with the introduction of EIP-4844.For Ethereum, it is imperative to continue to scale and prioritize usability of the protocol, and while fees will always be the KPI, scaling faster than adoption is the new goal, which will be the key to driving up prices and solidifying Ethereum’s role in the crypto ecosystem The essential.Despite adopting a subsidized transaction model, Tron still exceeds Bitcoin in terms of block space requirements, and the fee remains relatively stable throughout the year. The most important reason is that Tron captures low-value USDT transfers.The Bitcoin Lightning Network has yet to see meaningful growth, Lightning Network adoption expectations are too optimistic, and most of the spike in transaction fees can be attributed to the collapse of crypto institutions.



    RT @jakethedegen: R.I.P. BOZO claim is now open for donors of @zachxbt + collectors of mine <3 allowlist is linked on the claim page.…



    Yuga Labs metaverse project Otherside introduces 9 community projects

    According to Yuga Labs metaverse project Otherside highlights 9 community projects and builders on social media.They are: “Unofficial Otherside Wikipedia” Wikiotherside, Otherside data analysis builder Otherside_wiki, media project OtherSpaceFM, podcast project NFTeaShow, Otherside animation builder Rida, Koda animation artist KEEZi.ETH and another animator Takeshi Gitano, and Koda 3D rendering project Jepgkidz and Otherside music video project ApeRaveClub.


    Dogecoin Foundation Announces New Developer Fund

    The Dogecoin Foundation and its Board of Directors recently announced the establishment of a new developer fund to which the Foundation has allocated 5 million DOGE to facilitate the development of the Dogecoin Core platform.The development fund is understood to be managed by existing core developers and board signatories. All payments will be tracked and reported on all social media platforms used by the Foundation during each release cycle.


    The total transaction volume of NFT in 2022 will be 55.5 billion US dollars, a month-on-month increase of 175%

    CryptoSlate released NFT-related statistics in 2022. The data shows that the total transaction volume of NFT in 2022 will be 55.5 billion US dollars, a month-on-month increase of 175%, and an increase of 390 times compared to 2020.NFT trading volume peaked at $17.4 billion in January, and since then, except for a month-on-month increase in April, monthly trading volume has been declining.In addition, 46% of the total NFT transaction volume may be generated by counter-knocking, not real transactions.


    PayPal Finance plans to issue BRC-USDC “IOU” tokens, which will be built on BabeDAO

    PayPal Finance intends to issue BRC-USDC “IOU” tokens, which will be built on BabeDAO and will be repurchased with the income supported by its business over time.In addition, Babe FiApps, a next-generation financial application, will be built, which is open-sourced and community-owned by BabeDAO.It is reported that BabeDAO is a dual-token system, including the governance token BABE and the basic pricing token HOPE. The token HOPE will go through three stages and finally evolve into a fully mortgaged stable currency.Earlier, PayPal Financial said it lost $280 million in proprietary trading. Its largest creditors include Genesis Zipmex and others.



    Pudgy Penguins CEO: The project will return some of the profits to token holders

    Luca Schnetzler, CEO of NFT project Pudgy Penguins, said the project will return some of the profits to token holders. The floor price of Pudgy Penguins has doubled this month, and the current floor price has reached 6ETH.In November, according to a document obtained by TheBlock, Pudgy Penguins is negotiating with investors for a $10 million seed round of financing. If the financing is completed, its valuation will reach $50 million.Pudgy Penguins chief executive Luca Netz vehemently denied the financing. TheBlock said the $10 million round will be funded through Simple Agreement for Future Equity and will come with tokenized equity. The document shows that Pudgy Penguins may issue tokens in April 2024. Related News: Curry sued by investor for promoting BAYC Sir Geoff Hurst announces Soccer World Cup NFT with Reeps One NFT company Candy Digital has laid off about hundreds of employees, and NFT transaction volume has fallen sharply this year Grand Theft Auto developer bans third-party servers from using NFTs Jordan teammate, NBA star Scott Pippen gets first custom Smolverse NFT American entertainment company Animal Concerts launches NFT series A Hard Working Man Total on-chain NFT sales on Solana topped $2.7 billion, a record high The transaction volume of BAYC series NFTs has increased by over 400% in the past 24 hours NFT casting platform Nameless launches Web3 testnet tool StealthTest MoonPay creates NFT-based scavenger hunt for Universal Studios


    Over $19 Billion in Crypto Assets Left Centralized Exchanges Since FTX Crash

    According to CryptoQuant data, in more than 50 days since November 5, 2022, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and stablecoin owners have removed approximately $19.19 billion in encrypted assets from centralized exchanges.Between November 5 and December 26, the total reserves of global cryptocurrency exchanges decreased by approximately 356,848 bitcoins , 4.48 million ethers and stablecoins worth $7.669 billion. currency assets.Since November 5, the top ten crypto assets such as BNB, XRP, DOGE, and ADA have seen large withdrawals in parallel with BTC, ETH, and stablecoin withdrawals. Related News: Auros Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in the British Virgin Islands as $20M Is Frozen on FTX U.S. Attorneys Are Seeking More Information About SBF Political Contributions InsurAce founder: working with industry organizations to build a user insurance system similar to Federal Insurance MLB is talking to lawyers about how to handle partnership with FTX FTX has begun bankruptcy proceedings in the U.S. Walmart CTO: Cryptocurrency will become a big part of how customers transact STEPN: Level 30 sneakers can dig GMT Costs reduced by over 75% when using Plutus v2 Data: Ethereum trading volume is greater than BTC trading volume every week in the past 4 weeks, a record F1 star driver Daniel Ricciardo becomes OKX global brand spokesperson


    Daily Crypto Spot Volume Drops Below $10 Billion For First Time Since 2020

    Daily spot market volumes on cryptocurrency exchanges fell below $10 billion for the first time since December 2020, according to The Block. Spot trading volume dropped to $9.2 billion on December 25 before continuing to drop to $8.5 billion on December 27.According to previous news, the last time daily spot trading volume was below $10 billion was on December 17, 2020, when the price of Bitcoin soared above $20,000 for the first time in one day. Bitcoin is now trading at around $16,800.NFT transactions have also fallen along with crypto transactions, with data showing that NFT sales have fallen every month since April. Related News: CryptoQuant CEO: Institutional bullish buying pushes the Coinbase premium index to positive for the first time Report: Mining companies listed on U.S. stocks generally fell, and there is no unicorn market value company Magnety, a DeFi social wallet based on StarkWare, has been launched on the testnet Klaytn ecological algorithm liquidity market protocol Klap announced the mainnet launch Citigroup: Chance of global recession close to 50% Crypto Custodian Hex Trust Receives Dubai Virtual Asset License Data: Crypto-related stock short sellers have yielded about 126% this year QitChain network achieves network privacy upgrade through zero-knowledge proofs Axie Infinity to launch Origin Phase 2 in July Data: The number of DAOs has increased 8.8 times in the past year


    El Salvador Is Increasing Bitcoin Adoption Through Education

    El Salvador is taking further steps to drive mass adoption of Bitcoin by educating students. A video posted on Twitter shows several teachers at a school in El Salvador educating students about bitcoin.First, the teacher demonstrated to the students how to receive Bitcoin through the Lightning Network, and then the students also received education on various other topics, including: nodes, double-spending, and halving related items in the Bitcoin white paper, the entire The course will last ten weeks.A teacher in the film said: “Our idea is to replicate this approach to education in other schools around the world. Related News: The total value of securities products with BTC and ETH as underlying assets increased by 306% from the previous day Data: BTC worth more than $2.8 billion has flowed out of exchanges in the past month Analysis: Alameda is the largest minter of WBTC, but not enough to pose a systemic risk Bitcoin mining difficulty has been lowered by 0.20% to 36.76 T Bitcoin Hash Hits All-Time High Again Five countries control 30% of global Bitcoin nodes Giant Bitcoin posters appear on the streets of Milan: All your euros will go to zero Data: Addresses holding 0-100Bitcoin increased their holdings of about 33,800 Bitcoins in September Bitcoin addresses that have been silent for nearly 9 years are activated, with a floating profit of about 100 million US dollars Data: Bitcoin whale 1LQoW accumulated 879 BTC in two days



    Gold and Silver Prices Outperform Crypto Assets in 2022

    Gold prices ended the year slightly lower than the value recorded 12 months earlier. Statistics on December 26, 2021 show the dollar value of an ounce of gold at $1810 per unit, compared to $1797 per ounce today.Silver, on the other hand, has managed to add a modicum of value since last year as the price climbed from $23.04 per unit to around $23.72 on December 26, 2022.The price performance of both precious metals is much better than Bitcoin and Ethereum , the top two cryptocurrencies in the cryptocurrency market.Metrics show BTC is down 66% since this time last year, while ETH has lost just over 70% since last year. Like cryptocurrency enthusiasts, precious metals advocates see 2023 seeing silver and gold rise in value. Related News: deVere Group CEO: We are still months away from the end of the cryptocurrency bear market Data: The number of encrypted wallet downloads has exceeded 100 million in 2022 Singapore Deputy Prime Minister: Not open to crypto speculation Binance is launching an industry recovery fund Sony-backed crypto bank Nuri shuts down its operations VeChain Foundation holds $535 million in cryptocurrency reserves Emerging Markets Led by Vietnam Drive Global Crypto Adoption Rise Report: 11.4% of UAE residents have invested in cryptocurrencies Source: Coinbase exploited hundreds of traders to make 100-fold profits DAO Maker: The first DAO governance vote is coming to an end, and 4.7 million DAOs are used to expand the scale of BSC


    Amun: Its products such as PECO were attacked and lost about 300,000 US dollars, and affected token holders will be compensated

    Index product provider Amun issued a document saying that its products Polygon ecosystem index tokens PECO and DFI were attacked, resulting in a loss of about 300,000 US dollars.The team identified the address of the attacker, who took advantage of the balance management vulnerability, minted 80 billion tokens, and dumped them on all available DEXs, causing all available liquidity pools to be exhausted.The team is working hard to identify all affected token holders, and will compensate holders for their lost funds. The specific compensation will be based on the balance before the exploit. Once the repayment schedule is determined, it will be announced to the community as soon as possible.The Polygon ecosystem index token PECO launched by Amun has fallen to close to zero, and Amun’s official Twitter account has also been deleted. Related News: Aptos announced the testnet 3 incentive standard, users who complete the requirements will be rewarded with 800 tokens Kraken Proof of Reserves Audit Newly Covers 5 Assets including USDT Solana wallets such as Phantom suspected of being attacked, millions of dollars in tokens stolen Blockchain horse racing game Zed Run has opened ZED token airdrop application Security Team: Rug Pull occurred in LARP, and the token price fell by more than 80% Shiba Inu announces adjustment to BONE casting rate to 1 BPB EOS founder: The new chain Fractally is enhancing TaPoS, the transaction cost is 50% less than EOSIO or HIVE Polkadot released 9.4241 million DOTs on July 13 Coin98 Analytics: BNB Chain tops the TVL blockchain list in the first half of the year Astar Network Opens Interchain Messaging Format XCM Withdrawal Feature


    CryptoQuant: The number of transactions on the Ethereum chain has declined, and network demand has declined

    According to CryptoQuant analysts, the number of transactions on the Ethereum chain has recently declined significantly, which means that the market demand for the Ethereum network has begun to decline.The number of transactions is an indicator that reflects the total number of transfers taking place on the Ethereum blockchain. The 30-day moving average trend of this indicator shows that it has been in an overall decline since May 2021, and the recent downward trajectory has been more obvious, indicating that Ethereum The blockchain is currently in a state of low activity.Additionally, Ethereum has been trading sideways for some time, and it is unclear when it will emerge from this consolidation. Related News: FTX: No plans to suspend or settle Ethereum futures ahead of merger The Ethereum Layer 2 network zkSync has provided a new development environment v1 on the Goërli testnet Rocket Pool Smartnode stack upgrade to support upcoming Redstone upgrade and Ethereum merger Celsius gets about 100 million loans from FTX by collateralizing $403 million in assets The giant whale 0xcc505 has made a 1750 ETH bid for Punk 372 Data: The balance of the consensus layer contract address is about to exceed 13 million ETH The total locked volume of the Ethereum L2 network is $3.74 billion The hacker address of the cross-chain bridge Horizon transferred 18,036 ETH again early this morning Horizon cross-chain bridge attacker address just transferred 18,036 ETH Data: DeFi market is dramatically deleveraging, $124 billion has evaporated in the past six weeks


    Bitcoin Volatility Index falls to 56.52, the lowest level since October 2020

    The BitVol Index launched by the financial index company T3 Index in conjunction with the Bitcoin options trading platform LedgerX has fallen to 56.52, a new low since October 2020.It is reported that the BitVol index measures the 30-day expected implied volatility derived from the price of tradable bitcoin options.Note: Implied volatility refers to the volatility implied by the actual option price. It is the volatility derived by using the B-S option pricing formula, substituting the actual price of the option and other parameters except the volatility σ into the formula. The actual price of options is formed by the competition of many option traders. Therefore, the implied volatility represents the market participants’ views and expectations on the future of the market, and is therefore considered to be the closest to the real volatility at that time. Related News: SBF, Caroline Ellison had thought Bitcoin would drop even more as FTX crashed The Russo Brothers and other Marvel directors will shoot a SBF-related series for Amazon Dutch man arrested for allegedly laundering money with Bitcoin Purpose Bitcoin ETF holdings have fallen by more than 50% from their peak this year to Launch VERSE Token Public Sale in November Brazilian court asks Bitcoin pharaoh to pay $3.7 billion to repay creditors Bitcoin rally triggers will be related to increased adoption and demand Ripple CTO: Bitcoin source code is very likely to have serious bugs Bitcoin-Friendly Pierre Poilievre Elected as Canada’s Conservative Leader Grayscale Bitcoin Trust’s negative premium reached 34.09%, a record low


    Encryption trader: Bitcoin is expected to rise to $30,000 by the end of 2023 and hit a new high in 2024

    Well-known crypto trader Ben Armstrong shared his views on Bitcoin in the next few years on the 26th. He said that by the end of 2023, Bitcoin could recover to around $30,000.At the same time, he predicted that by 2024, the price of Bitcoin may hit another record high. He emphasized that the reason why the price of Bitcoin will rise in 2024 is that he believes that Bitcoin will rise after the halving. However, he also predicted that by 2025, Bitcoin will return to the bear market. Related News: Changpeng Zhao: Cryptocurrency Markets Are Healthier Than Before The number of addresses holding more than 0.01BTC hit a record high FBI: Crypto Fraud App Has Swindled About $42.7M in One Year Bitcoin miners in Texas have resumed mining operations SBF: Bitcoin transaction fee of 0 will inevitably lead to false transaction volume Top 100 Bitcoin Wallets Accumulate 275 BTC in Last 24 Hours Crypto Quant CEO: Most people are not leaving the crypto market but waiting for the bottom Bitfinex report: Bitcoin is a high-risk asset, investors reduce portfolio risk means Bitcoin sell-off ‘Death of Bitcoin’ Google Search Hits All-Time High ProShares’ ETF shorting Bitcoin will launch on June 21



    Republic of Palau is exploring the creation of a national stablecoin with Ripple

    The President of the Republic of Palau, Surangel S. Whipps, Jr., said the country’s IT team is working with RippleLabs to explore the creation of a national stablecoin that would allow the country to make local payments easily and securely.It is reported that in June this year, Surangel S.Whipps, Jr. announced after meeting with the founder of Binance, Zhao Changpeng, that he would issue a digital resident ID card NFT on the BNB Chain through the RNS.ID platform.The NFT enables users to perform digitally native KYC online and enable access to various services that require a government-issued ID. Related News: Founder of Frax Finance: Ecological growth of stablecoins is not a zero-sum game, and projects need to cooperate to increase liquidity Data: DeFi market value fell 74.6% in the second quarter IC-based lending protocol finterest plans to issue overcollateralized stablecoin fUSD Tether addresses holding 100,000 to 10 million USDT near 3-year low Matrixport announces support for the TON ecosystem and the Toncoin token Arca withdraws around $6 million worth of tokens in 6 weeks The Alameda wallet address transferred about 30.68 million USDC to the FTX exchange The total locked volume of DeFi protocols on the Avalanche chain is $2.82 billion The Terra community’s proposal on the distribution method for the 0.5% LUNA emergency fund allocation has been approved KiKi Finance will release KiKi tokens on Terra Chain