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    McDonald’s starts accepting Bitcoin payments in Lugano, Switzerland

    McDonald’s has started accepting Bitcoin as a payment method in the Swiss city of Lugano. Bitcoin Magazine shared a video of ordering food at a local McDonald’s showing Bitcoin and Tether symbols on a checkout payment machine.In March 2022, the city signed a memorandum of understanding with Tether Operations Limited to launch a Plan B project.Under this plan, Tether created two funds. The first is $106 million for an investment pool for cryptocurrency startups, and the second is about $3 million to try to encourage cryptocurrency adoption in stores and businesses across the city.


    Marathon Digital mines 360 Bitcoins in September

    Bitcoin miner Marathon Digital mined a total of 360 Bitcoins in September, with a total of 616 mined in the third quarter of this year, with a total holdings of 10,670, and no bitcoins were sold this month.In addition, Marathon Digital has a total computing power of 5.7 EH/s, and it plans to add about 19,000 mining machines in the next 30 days, with a capacity of about 2 EH/s.


    Binance Chain suffered the largest attack in history, involving an amount of 718 million US dollars

    According to official news, on October 7th, the BSC chain was attacked by a hacker, with an attack amount of 718 million US dollars, which became the highest hacker attack in history.BSCFA believes that ETHW has higher security and low gas fee services, and may become a substitute for BSC.


    The transaction volume of BAYC series NFTs has increased by over 400% in the past 24 hours

    The latest data from OpenSea shows that the transaction volume of the Bored Ape Yacht Club series of NFTs in the past 24 hours was 385 Ethereum, a growth rate of 427%.Ranked No. 3 in OpenSea in terms of transaction volume in the past 24 hours.



    Data: This year’s NFT trademark applications have tripled from 2021

    The number of NFT-related trademark applications in the United States has more than tripled in 2021. NFT trademark filings peaked in March but have declined every month since. The number of U.S. trademark filings related to NFTs and other blockchain products has nearly tripled in 2022 compared to all of 2021.A total of 2,142 NFT-related trademarks were filed last year. As of September 2022, 6,366 such trademarks had been filed, according to USPTO data compiled by trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis. Companies filing trademark applications this year include McDonald’s, Crocs, CVS, and even TV personality Dr. Oz.


    The cumulative minting total of Binance soul-bound token BAB exceeded 400,000

    The cumulative minting total of BNB Chain’s soul-bound token BAB has exceeded 400,000, reaching 403,101 at the time of writing, of which 9,303 have been revoked, and the actual total number of valid minting is 393,798.Binance previously stated that BAB will serve as the identity certificate for users who have completed KYC. Users can mint BAB Token on the BNB Chain as an identity certificate, and participate in the construction of multiple projects and receive rewards.


    Data: The total amount of X2Y2 transaction generation fees in the NFT market exceeded 10,000 ETH

    According to the latest data from Dune Analytics, the total amount of X2Y2 transaction generation fees in the NFT market has exceeded 10,000 ETH, reaching 10,125 ETH at the time of writing.In addition, the current total transaction volume on the X2Y2 platform has reached 2,153,486 ETH, which is close to US$3 billion according to the current ETH price; the total number of transactions on the platform has reached 1,280,949.


    Bitcoin’s correlation with risk-oriented stocks exists

    On-chain analyst Willy Woo said that regarding BTC’s strong correlation with risk-oriented stocks, the correlation is there, but there will be ups and downs.In a bear market, institutional risk trades dominate prices through the futures market. In bottoms and bull markets, investors’ spot capital returns, opening opportunities for decoupling.



    Animoca Brands Enters Strategic Partnership with Japanese Crypto Exchange Coincheck

    Animoca Brands has entered into a strategic partnership with Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck.Animoca Brands will be responsible for IP and content development as a blockchain game maker, while Coincheck will serve as a distribution and community development role in the Japanese market, and both parties will also create a community for creators and users.At present, two NFT projects have been launched on the Coincheck NFT market, namely LAND NFT in The Sandbox and Otherdeed NFT in Otherside, a virtual real estate.


    Web3 Social Network DeSo Announces Integration of USDC

    Web3 social network DeSo announced the integration of the US dollar stablecoin USDC, aiming to make its social platform accessible to more Ethereum users.According to the DeSo team, USDC can act as a financial bridge, enabling developers to build cost-effective and user-friendly Web3 social applications, where users simply deposit USDC from their MetaMask wallets to the platform, and they receive The native DeSo stablecoin DeSoDollar.Previously, DeSo completed a $200 million financing in September this year, with participation from Coinbase Ventures, a16z, Sequoia Capital, Social Capital, Polychain Capital, and Pantera Capital.


    Time Magazine has made more than $10 million in profits from the NFT field

    Time Magazine President Keith Grossman revealed in an interview during the Mainnet 2022 conference that the media company has already made more than $10 million in profits from the NFT space.Keith Grossman describes himself as a tech-loving jerk and introduced NFTs in September 2021, and has since released a collection of 5 NFTs also collaborated with rapper Timbaland.He not only sees NFTs as a business opportunity, but also believes that there are many similarities between memes and NFTs, and the cover of Time magazine is a mock meme.



    Data: Addresses holding 0-100Bitcoin increased their holdings of about 33,800 Bitcoins in September

    The data shows that the current balance of addresses holding 0-100BTC accounts for about 38.88% of the number of BTC in circulation, or 7.452 million pieces. The holdings of these addresses have increased by 33,830.81 pieces in the past month. .During this period, addresses with balances ranging from 100-1000 BTC reduced their holdings by more than 5,700 Bitcoins.


    Telefónica to enable LTC and other cryptocurrency payments

    Telefónica, a multinational telecommunications company headquartered in Madrid, Spain, has enabled payments in cryptocurrencies such as #litecoin on its online tech marketplace called Tu, the official Litecoin tweet said.


    Gangster All Star Evolution series NFT 24-hour transaction volume increased by more than 500%

    The transaction volume of Gangster All Star Evolution series NFTs in the past 24 hours is 430ETH, a growth rate of 558%.The 24-hour transaction volume ranks second in OpenSea.


    The supply of Ethereum has increased by more than 10,000 ETH after the merger

    According to data from, the combined supply of Ethereum has increased by 10,696 ETH. The data shows that the total supply at press time is 120,531,837 ETH.


    Data: Trading volume on trading platforms rose to $733 billion in September, up 16% month-on-month

    According to data from The Block, the trading volume of trading platforms rose to $733 billion in September, an increase of 16% from the previous month.The data showed that the trading volume was $629 billion in June, $633 billion in July and $630 billion in August.


    Gitcoin will host its inaugural ODS Hackathon from October 3-31 with a total prize pool of $18,250

    Gitcoin will host its inaugural Open Data Science Hackathon from October 3-31, with a total prize pool of $18,250, which will be split across three categories: Sybil Slayers, Human Hackers, and Dune Detectives.Hacking aims to nurture an open data science community that plays a key role in securing and growing Web3 innovations.


    The current U.S. bank account transaction failure has been resolved

    Coinbase has previously been unable to process payments or withdrawals involving U.S. bank accounts, and an investigation revealed that the failure was due to a technical problem creating an ACH transfer, an electronic payment made through the Automated Clearing Network.This issue has now been resolved. The failure of Coinbase to process payments or withdrawals involving U.S. bank accounts was caused by a technical problem creating an ACH transfer . The official said that user funds are safe, and the team is working hard to fix all the features.



    Crypto ATM global net installations see negative growth for the first time

    In September, 796 crypto ATMs were withdrawn from the global network, driven by a slowdown in the U.S. economy, marking the first negative growth in global net installations in history.Over time, the total number of installed Bitcoin ATMs fell from an all-time high of 38,776 ATMs in August to 37,980 in September, according to CoinATMRadar.


    Data: The total number of Ethereum domain name service ENS registrations exceeded 2.6 million

    According to the latest data from Dune Analytics, the total number of ENS registrations for the Ethereum domain name service has exceeded 2.6 million, reaching 2,607,455 at the time of writing.In addition, the current number of registered main domain names is 407,729, and the number of independent addresses participating in the registration is 572,224.


    Binance NFT Market Launches NBA Star Klay Thompson NBA Championship NFT

    Fitness Web3 Ecosystem Amino has announced that it will launch the NFT series GRAILS featuring NBA star Klay Thompson with the Golden State Warriors in 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2022 on the Binance NFT marketplace.It is reported that the release time will be October 18th, and a total of 10,000 NFT blind boxes will be issued, and rare NFT holders in the set will also have the opportunity to receive exclusive Klay Thompson souvenirs, such as autographed jerseys, basketballs and photos.


    VeChain Foundation holds $535 million in cryptocurrency reserves

    The VeChain Foundation has shared its financial report for the second quarter of 2022. In the report, VeChain reported $535 million in BTC, ETH, VET, and stablecoin reserves. The total value of reserve assets fell 44% from the first quarter, the report said.The current total value of stablecoins in VeChain reserves is 60,404,839. Additionally, the foundation currently holds 474,887,226 tokens in cryptocurrency, spread across BTC, ETH, and VET.


    Data: The total transaction volume of LooksRare in the NFT market exceeded 300,000

    According to Dune Analytics data, the total transaction volume of LooksRare in the NFT market has exceeded 300,000, which is 313,319 at the time of writing this article. The current total number of users is 116,652, and the total transaction volume has reached 26,486,919,027 US dollars.In addition, since the launch of LooksRare, the transaction volume in the same period has surpassed OpenSea, which has traded $22,799,421,274 since the launch of LooksRare.



    Of all major lending protocols, only MakerDAO revenue exceeds its token incentives

    Of all the major lending protocols, only MakerDAO’s revenue exceeds token incentives. According to analysis by Variant investment partner Mason Nystrom, token incentives are a new form of customer acquisition cost .Each dollar of token incentive corresponds to a new customer or fee/revenue. Projects should ensure that their token acquisition cost and token incentive to rev ratio are competitive within their market.


    US Senator: Bitcoin Could Solve Financial Challenges Like Inflation

    U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming said that Bitcoin has the potential to solve the challenges of existing financial problems such as inflation.Bitcoin cannot be blocked, Lummis said in an interview, noting that Bitcoin offers users an alternative to the devaluation of the dollar following rising national debt and inflation.


    Ethereum co-founder expresses concern over centralization after Ethereum merger

    Ethereum co-founder Anthony Di Iorio pointed out in an interview that the current Ethereum PoS does not seem to be a perfect system, raising concerns about the dominance of minority holders on the Ethereum network.Iorio specifically pointed to the advantages of platforms such as cryptocurrency exchanges in dominating the Ethereum network.Iorio believes that the centralization seen so far is at odds with Ethereum’s original dream of getting more people involved in the governance of the asset. If such concerns persist, they could affect the corporate and regulatory outlook, he said.

    22:18 to Launch VERSE Token Public Sale in November

    Cryptocurrency wallet and browser has announced a November public sale of VERSE tokens, a reward and utility token for contributors and participants in the ecosystem designed with EVM compatibility.Additionally, will launch the Verse Development Fund, which will begin accepting grant applications from developers and other ecosystem participants in the first quarter of 2023.34% of the VERSE token supply is allocated to the Verse Development Fund, and the tokens are released linearly to the fund over seven years.



    STEPN: Level 30 sneakers can dig GMT

    According to official news, STEPN will launch the function of earning $GMT for level 30 sneakers within 24 hours.


    F1 McLaren showcases crypto-inspired car ahead of Singapore Grand Prix

    Ahead of the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix, Formula 1 McLaren has showcased a crypto-inspired looking car.


    OpenSea awards $100,000 each to two white-hat hackers who discovered vulnerabilities

    OpenSea has awarded a $200,000 bounty to two white hat hackers who discovered the vulnerability. One of them is Corben Leo, a security expert and chief marketing officer at security firm Zellic, who discovered a critical OpenSea vulnerability through bug bounty platform HackerOne and said it could be exploited to steal assets.Another white hat hacker named Nix did not disclose information about the vulnerability. Both received a bounty of $100,000 each. An OpenSea spokesperson confirmed the bounty’s authenticity and said a patch for the vulnerability has been released.


    Bank of England Jon Cunliffe: Regulators must extend existing processes to cryptocurrencies

    The Bank of England’s deputy governor for financial stability, Jon Cunliffe, said regulators must extend existing processes to cryptocurrencies.He also talked about the benefits of crypto in trade settlements. Regulators must deal with cryptocurrencies before they become systemically important, Cunliffe said.


    Galaxy Digital CEO: Luna Investors Fail to Recognize Risks

    Mike Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital, said that many retail investors who lost money in the Luna cryptocurrency crash failed to appreciate the risk and held the token for too long.Additionally, Novogratz noted that given the nature of blockchain technology, everything Do Kwon and Terraform Labs build is public.“He’s not hiding how it works,” Novogratz said. “I’m more frustrated with other things in crypto, like Three Arrows.”


    Wintermute borrows about 2.4 million USDC through Clearpool

    Cryptocurrency market maker Wintermute borrowed about 2.4 million USDC through Clearpool, a decentralized lending marketplace, and Wintermute currently owes about $13 million in debt to Clearpool.As previously reported, Wintermute lost $160 million in a DeFi hack on September 20. On September 21, on-chain data showed that Wintermute had more than $200 million in DeFi debt to several counterparties.


    Bitcoin/GBP volume was $881 million yesterday

    Bitcoin/GBP traded at $881 million yesterday , with investors turning to Bitcoin when fiat currencies are under threat, James Butterfill, director of research at CoinShares, said on social media.


    The Moonsama team of the Polkadot ecological NFT project plans to launch an EVM-compatible Polkadot Layer 2 network

    Donnie, a team member of Moonsama, a team member of the Kusama parachain Moonriver-based NFT project Moonsama, posted on social media that the team plans to cooperate with Aventus to launch an EVM-compatible Polkadot Layer 2 network within two weeks, and plans to adopt an NFT-based governance mechanism.



    NFT casting platform Nameless launches Web3 testnet tool StealthTest

    NFT casting platform Nameless has announced the launch of StealthTest, a testnet Web3 software-as-a-service tool designed to improve NFT project testing and quality assurance, addressing critical infrastructure and deployment issues in the emerging Web3 industry.The tool gives Web3 developers access to private testnets of Ethereum, IPFS and Arweave to extensively test smart contracts and improve project security during the NFT project life cycle.


    Data: South Korea’s cryptocurrency market worth 23 trillion won in the first half of 2022

    South Korea’s cryptocurrency market was worth 23 trillion won in the first half of 2022, down 58 percent from the six-month period at the end of last year, according to the Korea Financial Intelligence Unit .In addition, daily trading volumes fell by 53% to an average of 5.3 trillion won . The total operating profit of virtual asset service providers in South Korea fell by 62%, from 1.64 trillion to 0.63 trillion won .


    Tribe DAO has launched a stolen funds claim page

    Tribe DAO has launched the stolen funds claim page, and users can redeem the corresponding funds through the linked wallet.As previously reported, the Tribe DAO voted for the fourth time that Fei Protocol will repay $80 million in stolen funds, approximately 12.68 million FEI and 26.61 million DAI, to victims of the April hack.


    Report: Metaverse-related job postings surge in the first seven months of 2022

    The report shows that from January to July 2022, the number of jobs related to Metaverse on the entire platform has grown significantly, with a year-on-year increase of 16.6%. Among them, the number of jobs in the Internet/IT/electronics/communications industry accounted for the highest proportion, about 70%.Among the subdivisions of Metaverse, VR/AR and Metaverse social recruitment accounted for the largest proportions, accounting for 57.5% and 32.7% respectively.Among the recruitment positions in various sub-fields of Metaverse, VR/AR companies are mainly software and hardware R&D engineers, games, virtual humans, Metaverse social and other fields have higher demand for game/design talents, and digital collection platforms have higher demand for operation talents show greater demand.The report pointed out that about 80% of the respondents are willing to work in the metaverse industry, and the proportion of Generation Z is even higher.


    Study: Bitcoin Mining Contributes to 0.1% of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    A new report from the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance found that Bitcoin mining is responsible for about 0.10% of global greenhouse gas emissions.According to the report, this figure is equivalent to 48.35 million tons of carbon dioxide per year. The institute also estimates that 37.6 percent of the energy used by the industry comes from sustainable sources, according to data released on Tuesday.The numbers are based on the geographic distribution of Bitcoin mining in January. CCAF took its latest data and combined it with public information on how electricity is generated in different regions.


    Cross-chain interoperability protocol Axelar will officially release AXL token tomorrow

    Cosmos-based cross-chain interoperability protocol Axelar has announced that it will officially release its token AXL tomorrow. A total of 1 billion AXLs will be minted at genesis, of which the circulating supply on the first day of release is approximately 30 million.Axelar had previously held an AXL community sale through CoinList in March this year, and there will be no new token sales or airdrops at this launch.


    Total crypto market cap rises back above $1 trillion

    With the rebound of Bitcoin, the current total encrypted market capitalization has risen back above $1 trillion. According to CoinGecko data, as of press time, the total encrypted market capitalization is $1,012,512,481,232, an increase of 6.0% in the past 24 hours. The 24-hour trading volume was $224,988,454,075.



    RAI Finance has transferred team tokens to RAI Finance DAO

    The cross-chain transaction protocol RAI Finance has transferred the team tokens to the relevant wallet address of RAI Finance DAO.It is reported that the SOFIP-028 proposal has previously been passed, requiring RAI Finance core contributors to build a multi-signature wallet and transfer team tokens to the RAI Finance DAO.


    Survey: Australian women are more profitable than men on cryptocurrency investments in the past year

    Despite the current crypto bear market, according to the second annual Australian cryptocurrency survey conducted by research firm YouGov, commissioned by Australian crypto exchange Swyftx.72% of Australians who own cryptocurrencies made an average profit of A$11,013 in the past year.The Australian women surveyed made A$11,263 in profit, compared with A$10,917 for Australian men.


    Digital asset investment products saw a net inflow of $8.3 million last week

    Last week, the net inflow of digital asset investment products was 8.3 million US dollars, of which Bitcoin and Ethereum investment products recorded a net inflow of US $2.6 million and US $6.9 million respectively.Investment products shorting bitcoin saw a net outflow of $5.1 million, the first net outflow in seven weeks. Additionally, the short ethereum product, which debuted last week, saw an inflow of $1.1 million.


    The Aragon community is voting on whether to transfer AN DAO treasury funds

    The Aragon community is voting on what to do with its treasury funds after transitioning from the old DAO structure to having delegated voting as part of its architecture. This vote is one of two ongoing polls within the Aragon community.The second vote is to decide what happens to the bylaws of the Aragon Network DAO when a new DAO emerges. existIn this case, the charter refers to the protocol used to establish the AN DAO. With the transition to a delegated voting DAO, a new charter will be created for the new DAO.


    Inflation is likely to be nearing its peak, or has already peaked

    Fed Collins said inflation is likely to be nearing its peak, or has already peaked. My expectation is that growth will be much slower in 2022.Our economic growth will also slow next year. is part of what is needed to bring down inflation and a modest increase in unemployment, but there’s a lot of uncertainty right now.



    Tiffany NFT “NFTiff” No Transactions Since August 13

    According to the historical transaction data of NFTGO, the Tiffany NFT series “NFTiff” has not had any transactions since August 13. The total transaction amount so far is 3.56 million US dollars, and the market value is 16.2 million US dollars.According to Dune Analytics data, although a total of 250 NFTiffs have been minted, 26 have not been redeemed so far.


    There is no guarantee that the value of Bitcoin will continue to rise, but the value of fiat will continue to fall

    Jameson Lopp, founder of crypto wallet service Casa, said there is no guarantee that Bitcoin’s value will continue to rise. However, it is certain that the value of fiat currencies will continue to decline.


    Ethereum issuance reduced by 98% after merger

    If Ethereum were still running on POW, 21117 Ethereum would be issued.In POS, this number was reduced to only 425 ETH issued, a 98% reduction in issuance.