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    LVMH group executives said: LVMH is more advocating Web 2.5

    At the Blockchain Week Summit held in Paris, France, Franck Le Moal, Chief Information Officer of the French luxury goods giant LVMH Group, and Nelly Mensah, Vice President of Digital Transformation and Emerging Solutions, said in their speeches that the decentralized “Web 3.0 Ideology” hinders the entry and use of mainstream users.Nelly Mensah, Vice President of Digital Transformation and Emerging Solutions of LVMH Group, mentioned in his speech that only by protecting the private key can you control your own currency. If the private key is leaked, the assets will no longer be safe.The above concepts make it more difficult for users to accept Web 3.0, and hinder the acceptance and use of Web 3.0 products by the mainstream public, which is also detrimental to the subsequent development of Web 3.0 technology.Mensah suggests that more attention to Web 3.0 technologies and less attention to the overall goal of Web 3.0 decentralization will drive mainstream acceptance of Web 3.0 products. A softer “Web 2.5 is a buffer before entering Web 3.0.


    2023-PBW successfully concluded

    According to official news, Paris Blockchain Week 2023 has come to a successful conclusion, including the participation of many star projects such as Stellar, Metamusk, Chiliz, Ethbread, and Circle.It also conducted in-depth discussions on current hot topics such as Web3.0, Metaverse, and Layer 2, and also provided new ideas for Ethereum expansion solutions, and the cooperation reached between them can also promote the diversification of Ethereum expansion solutions. Make it possible to realize the “efficient, fast and cost-effective” Ethereum network.



    Data: The top five ARB buyers on the chain purchased a total of more than 13 million ARB

    According to Lookonchain statistics, the top five whale buyers of ARB on the chain purchased a total of more than 13 million ARB at a unit price of 1.28 to 1.38 US dollars. Among them, addresses starting with l0xb154 purchased 4.94 million ARB with 3,700 ETH , and the purchase price is $1.38.The address starting with 0xb0fc7 purchased 2.74 million ARBs with 3.52 million USDC at a unit price of $1.28. This address has earned $1.77 million in transaction fees by providing liquidity for ARB on Uniswap.In addition, addresses beginning with 0x139e3 purchased 2.61 million ARBs with 3.56 million USDC and USDT at a unit price of $1.36; addresses beginning with 0xf53fe purchased 1.53 million ARBs with 1.95 million USDC at a unit price of $1.28. The address starting with 0xa161a purchased 1.49 million ARBs with 1.99 million USDC at a unit price of 1.33 USD.


    CNBC discloses that Binance employees and volunteers guide users to circumvent KYC restrictions

    According to news on March 24, the media saw hundreds of messages from Discord servers and Telegram groups controlled and operated by Binance, where the accounts of Binance employees or Binance-trained volunteers Techniques that can be used to circumvent Binance’s KYC, registration and verification systems were shared in the group.Some of the techniques shared by staff and volunteers involved falsifying bank documents or providing false addresses. Others involve simple manipulation of the Binance system.Employees, volunteers, and customers also shared video guides and documents showing how to fake residency to obtain Binance’s debit card, which would effectively turn their Binance cryptocurrency into a traditional checking account. The technology shared with customers also calls into question the effectiveness of Binance’s anti-money laundering efforts.A Binance spokesperson said: “We have taken action against employees who may have violated our internal policies, including falsely soliciting or making suggestions that are not permitted or do not meet our standards. We have strict policies that require all users to submit to We provide country of residence and other personally identifiable information to pass KYC. Binance employees are expressly prohibited from advising or supporting users to circumvent local laws and regulatory policies, and will be immediately terminated or audited if found violating these policies.”


    Global Mofy Metaverse Limited plans to raise US$6 million through IPO

    Global Mofy Metaverse Limited announced that it will issue 1,200,000 shares at a price of US$4.50 to US$5.50 per share and raise US$6 million through an initial public offering next week.Global Mofy Metaverse Limited is a technology solution provider engaged in virtual content production, digital marketing and digital asset development in the metaverse industry. Its clients include well-known companies such as L’Oreal and PepsiCo.The company also revealed that it has established a strong digital asset bank with more than 7,000 3D digital assets.


    President of El Salvador: A bill will be submitted to Congress to eliminate all taxes on technological innovation

    El Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele posted on social media that next week, I will submit a bill to Congress.Eliminate all taxes on technological innovations such as software programming, coding, applications, and artificial intelligence development; and computing and communications hardware manufacturing.


    Data: The total value of StarkNet bridge storage exceeds 20,000 ETH

    According to the latest data from Dune Analytics, the total value of Ethereum’s Layer 2 expansion solution StarkNet cross-chain bridging storage has exceeded 20,000 ETH, which was 20,814 ETH at the time of writing , users participating in bridging transactions The quantity is 187,655.Historical data shows that the total value of StarkNet cross-chain bridge storage exceeded 10,000 ETH in early January this year, which means that this indicator has doubled in less than two months.


    Michael Novogratz: Bitcoin is a transcript of monetary policy and financial stability

    Galaxy Digital founder and CEO Michael Novogratz issued a statement on Bitcoin, calling it a transcript of monetary policy and financial stability.Novogratz emphasized that BTC was built for the current economic environment. On a risk-adjusted basis, BTC is the best-performing asset this year, beating growth stocks, banks and major equity benchmarks, Novogratz said.


    Bank of America: California Takes the Lead in Considering Blockchain Applications in Several U.S. State Agencies

    Bank of America said in a research note on Thursday that California is leading the way as U.S. federal and state agencies consider blockchain applications.The California Department of Motor Vehicles tokenization project is one example of how companies, as well as U.S. state and federal agencies, are using blockchain-based solutions to improve efficiency and reduce costs. 10,000 vehicles will be tokenized, and its vehicle property rights and transfer management system will be completely reformed.It will issue vehicle titles in the form of NFTs, with ownership recorded on a private version of the Tezos blockchain. The bank noted that other federal and state agencies are also working on blockchain-based solutions. These include the Federal Emergency Management Agency , the Department of Homeland Security and the California Department of Food and Agriculture.



    Blur Ethereum Burns More Than NFT Transaction Aggregator Gem

    According to the latest data from, the burnt volume of Blur Ethereum surpassed that of NFT transaction aggregator Gem. Currently, the burnt volume of Blur Ethereum has reached 11,059.46 ETH, compared with 10,402.09 ETH for Gem.According to data from Dune Analytics, when this article was written, the transaction volume on the Blur platform had reached 1,994,554 ETH, which is about $3.5 billion at current prices, and the total number of NFT sales was 3,312,750.


    Misunderstood as Arbitrum (ARB), the dead project ARbit (ARB) rose abnormally in the past 7 days

    According to news on March 23, in the past 7 days, the price of the dead old project ARbit rose from 0.00024 US dollars to 0.027 US dollars, an increase of up to 100 times.Today, the ARbit price has retreated to $0.016 with a 24-hour trading volume of just $8977. The price of ARbit has skyrocketed, suspected to be because some traders mistook it for the token of Arbitrum .According to the official website, ARbit , a cryptocurrency used in the AR industry, was launched in 2015. It has not made any noise in the past 8 years and has long been considered a dead project.


    STEPN’s NFT marketplace MOOAR launches NFT AIGC product GNT

    STEPN’s NFT marketplace MOOAR launches NFT AIGC product GNTAccording to news on March 23, MOOAR, an NFT market under STEPN, launched the NFT AIGC product Generative NFT Tool .Earlier news, according to official news, STEPN developer Find Satoshi Lab announced that it will launch NFTAI generated content product GNT.GNT can provide users with a one-stop service to create and mint NFTs on the multi-chain NFT market MOOAR, without the need for AI-related knowledge or the deployment process of smart contracts.In addition, the official reminded that GNT is not a token. It is reported that the GNT Alpha test version will be free for a limited time in the next few days. Creators need to destroy GMT to generate and mint NFT.


    DAO magipop reached strategic cooperation with iPollo metaverse infrastructure

    According to official news, Web3 creator DAO magipop has reached a strategic cooperation with Nano Labs’ iPollo metaverse infrastructure.In 2022, magipop won the investment of Curt Shi , an early investor of StepN and a partner of Prodigital Future Fund. In the ETHDenver event in 2023, it won the NFT track bounty award, which proved its strength in the NFT field leadership and strength.The cooperation will provide more creative and interesting content on the iPollo Metaverse infrastructure, attract more users and community participation, and create a richer virtual world.


    Moody’s analyst: Texas could save money and increase transparency by using blockchain to issue bonds

    Moody’s analysts say the state of Texas could save money and increase transparency by using blockchain to issue bonds. Although the introduction of technology is accompanied by certain risks.According to the rating agency, such a use case could reduce administrative costs by 35% over the life of a security. The risks of cyberattacks, price volatility and regulatory uncertainty need to be considered. The popularity of digital bonds will take time, although some projects are already underway.Analysts point to several recently issued municipal debts registered on the blockchain using parallel ledgers. Another advantage of the technology is its immutability, which increases “transparency and verifiability.”This opens up the possibility for authorities to optimize services, and in some cases even enable mobile voting, the experts added. The rating agency’s report also mentioned mining revenues received by municipalities.


    Starknet Early Adopter Grants Council Launches First Round of Token Grants

    On March 23rd, the Starknet Early Adopter Grants Committee launched the first round of EAG token grants today.The committee is authorized to operate until June 30, 2023. The committee budget is 1 million STRK tokens, which will be distributed to project parties through multiple rounds. At present, project applications are open for the first round of funding activities. The deadline for applications is April 5, and the committee will make decisions on April 13, 2023.Starknet stated that this round of funding is mainly aimed at applications deployed on the Starknet mainnet or one of the testnets before April 5th. The foundation will use other channels to fund off-chain infrastructure that contributes to the ecosystem or the Cairo library).As previously reported, the Starknet Foundation appointed five committees, including a provision committee responsible for planning the supply of STRK. The Early Adopter Grants Council is dedicated to fostering the growth of the Starknet ecosystem by providing grants to innovative teams building on-chain applications on Starknet.


    US Congress Introduces Bill to Encourage Bitcoin Mining in the US

    A U.S. Congressional document shows that Congress has a more positive attitude towards Bitcoin mining. The document, titled H.RES.238, shows that Proof-of-Work mining is an important part of the United States meeting its energy goals and boosting economic growth.The document pointed out that digital asset Proof-of-Work mining can promote energy development through cooperation with the energy sector, thereby generating an explosion of innovation and improving energy independence in the United States.Additionally, the industry will bring well-paying jobs and technical training to areas that need it most. Therefore, the document argues that the United States should invest in the digital asset industry and promote sustainable job growth and innovative development.



    Binance: BETH used to pledge loan assets and VIP loan assets can also receive ETH 2.0 pledge rewards

    On March 22, according to the official announcement, Binance Pledged Loan announced that the BETH used to pledge the loan and VIP loan mortgage assets can also receive ETH 2.0 pledge rewards.ETH 2.0 pledge rewards will be distributed to users’ spot wallets in the form of BETH daily. Binance will dynamically adjust parameters such as borrowable currency/pledged currency/interest rate/maximum borrowable amount according to the actual market conditions and risk levels.


    Report: Bitcoin Spot Buys Drive Market Rally

    The latest Bitfinex Alpha report pointed out that new purchasing power has recently entered the encryption market, and spot buying is a typical feature of the early bull market or the late bear market.Although, Bitfinex analysts urge caution, they recommend waiting for confirmation that the breakout from the 273-day range will prove sustained.Additionally, Bitfinex analysts analyzed order flow and on-chain data, concluding that Bitcoin’s recent price gains can be attributed to spot buying by investors and traders large and small.Finally, Bitfinex analysts commented that the recent surge in BTC prices is a hopeful sign for the cryptocurrency market.


    Data: At least $5 billion has flowed into USDT in the past few weeks

    Data shows that at least $5 billion has flowed into USDT in the past few weeks, and its market capitalization has exceeded $77 billion so far.Cluzeau said that we have seen a lot of USDC and DAI being traded into USDT, which keeps USDT liquid. Mitya Argunov, chief product officer at, said that USDC’s systemic risk impacts the DAI stablecoin, further strengthening the argument that tether holds multiple assets to back its stablecoin.Tether’s performance during the crisis was largely due to the fact that it had no direct exposure to SVB, it just had no deposits there. Other major stablecoins, such as DAI, were also indirectly exposed and unpegged, as they were actually mostly collateralized by USDC.


    The EU Anti-Money Laundering Act adds thresholds for encrypted payment providers to address the loophole of untraceable transactions

    An article by the European Parliament on anti-money laundering rules for commercial crypto payments has caused a stir in the European digital asset industry.Policymakers hope the loophole of untraceable transactions can be closed by banning payments above a 1,000-euro threshold from unregulated crypto payment service providers operating in the European Union.However, the industry is concerned that this addition could deviate from the regulatory path already outlined in the final bill, such as the impending regulation of crypto asset markets and money transfers or impede innovation in the decentralized finance space. The legislation is currently being negotiated and is subject to change.


    Arbitrum anti-sybil rules have loopholes, 21.8% airdrops are allocated to 150,000 sybil addresses and at least 4,000 sybil communities

    March 22 news, according to data analysis platform X-explore research, Arbitrum’s anti-sybil rules in this airdrop caused a “major loophole”, resulting in approximately 150,000 Sybil addresses and at least 4,000 Sybil communities profiting More than 253 million tokens, accounting for 21.8% of the total airdrop volume.According to X-explore speculation, Arbitrum’s rules are: exclude cross-chain bridges, centralized exchanges, and smart contracts when detecting Sybil; use relatively tolerant detection for small-scale, same-person addresses; only snapshots before for Sybil detection.Only data from Arbitrum and Ethereum were used for Sybil detection, while data from other Ethereum 2 layers such as Optimism and Polygon were ignored.These Sybil detection rules will cause major loopholes. According to the above rules, X-explore detects witch address data through the internal same-person address/Sybil address recognition model.


    French fashion brand Balmain launches unicorn sneakers bundled with NFT version

    French luxury fashion house Balmain unveiled its latest Web3 initiative today, launching limited-edition NFTs based on its Unicorn footwear collection, with each sneaker paired with a matching pair of limited-edition real-world shoes.The sale includes 130 limited-edition unicorn sneakers featuring the same NFT sneakers designed by Space Runners.The collection’s ethereum NFT was created in partnership with digital fashion company Space Runners, and five unique sneaker designs debuted via the collection’s Unicorn pack, each priced between $1,595 and $2,095 and available in traditional currencies or ETH payment.


    Coinbase Allows Crypto Purchases Using Brazilian Real

    Coinbase said it has integrated Pix, the Brazilian government’s payment system, and began allowing the purchase of cryptocurrencies with the Brazilian real.The partnership with Pix, which has more than 140 million users, was made possible through a partnership with Ebanx, an end-to-end payment processor in Brazil.In addition to purchasing in local currency, customers can also withdraw Brazilian reals. Additionally, Coinbase says its app is fully available in Portuguese and offers 24-hour support.



    Ex-Coinbase CTO Takes Million-Dollar Bet On Bitcoin Price With Twitter User

    According to news on March 19, former Coinbase Chief Technology Officer Balaji Srinivasan and Twitter user James Medlock made a million-dollar bet on the price of Bitcoin.According to the proposed terms, Balaji buys one bitcoin, and if the bitcoin price does not reach $1 million within 90 days , James Medlock will win Balaji’s $1 million, otherwise he will lose one bitcoin.Balaji said he was also looking to make an equal-sized bet on the price of bitcoin with another person.


    General Bytes Cryptocurrency ATM Service Hacked, Database and Cryptocurrencies Stolen

    According to the official Twitter of General Bytes, the General Bytes encrypted currency ATM service was attacked on March 17 and 18. The attacker used the upload interface in the system to upload and run a malicious Java program, and then the attacker obtained the database in the server. Permissions and Hot Wallet Withdrawal API Key.According to statistics from Slow Mist MistTrack, the loss is about 1.8 million US dollars. At present, the official has issued an event announcement and a repair plan. If relevant users operate such services, they can contact the official immediately.According to previous news, General Bytes also encountered a security incident in August 2022, but the official did not disclose whether any cryptocurrencies were stolen.


    Coinspect Security Has Determined Root Cause of Algorand Eco Wallet MyAlgo Hack

    According to news on March 19, the blockchain security company Coinspect Security issued a document stating that through cooperation with the Algorand wallet MyAlgo, the root cause of MyAlgo’s hacking has been determined, and the official announcement will be made soon.Currently, attacks are no longer active, do not exploit application bugs or vulnerable codebases, do not abuse browser features , private key encryption is not weak, open source MyAlgo components are unaffected.In addition, the attacker decrypted the private key because they obtained the password, not due to an encryption vulnerability. For affected users, it is recommended to change the wallet password immediately and never reuse it.


    Bandai Namco’s Web3 Metaverse Fund Invests in Game Studio SuperGaming

    Japanese game publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment has used its “Bandai Namco Entertainment 021 Fund” of the Web3 metaverse fund to invest in SuperGaming, a game studio in cooperation with Google Cloud. Bandai Namco Entertainment said in a statement that this investment It will further expand its business in the Asian IP market.Although the amount of this investment has not been publicly disclosed, the fund usually invests between 10 million yen and 500 million yen.Bandai Namco Entertainment 021 Fund was established in April last year. It mainly supports start-up companies that build an “IP universe”. It also invested in DeepMotion, a digital character solution that provides AI-driven motion capture and real-time body tracking.


    Former Coinbase CTO: Bitcoin Will Hit $1 Million in 90 Days

    According to news on March 19, former Coinbase CTO Balaji Srinivasan said on Twitter that he will bet $2 million, betting that Bitcoin will hit a price of $1 million within 90 days.Financial expert James Medlock is betting $1 million that the country will not fall into hyperinflation. Balaji believes that the current banking situation is similar to the 2008 financial crisis.Central banks, banks, and regulators have all underperformed in this banking crisis, which goes beyond fractional reserves and banks don’t have enough money to handle withdrawals.


    Data: US victims will lose $2.5 billion in crypto scams in 2022

    According to news on March 19, the FBI revealed that in 2022, American citizens will lose more than 10 billion US dollars due to online fraud, of which 2.57 billion US dollars will be lost to crypto investment fraud.That compares to $907 million in losses from such fraud in 2021.“The number of victims of crypto investment scams is at an all-time high, and so are the dollar losses suffered by these investors. Many victims are in huge debt to cover losses from these fraudulent investments.”


    NFT project Meebits community launches “MeeKit” construction tool

    The NFT project Meebits community and a member of BAYC, Bailey Tattoo, announced on social media the launch of the “MeeKit” construction tool MeeKit Beta V2, which can support users to create Meebits NFT renderings independently, and is used to help build scenes using Meebit. It is reported that there is a toolkit named An add-on to the “Booster Pack” to support custom user scenarios. According to NFTGo data, the current floor price of Meebits is 3 ETH, the current market value is about 250 million US dollars, and the total transaction volume has reached 523.25 million US dollars.



    UAE DMCC cooperates with South Korea Metaverse Company

    According to sources, Dubai Multi Commodity Center recently announced the signing of two memorandums of understanding with a South Korean Metaverse platform, planning to form a partnership to facilitate the expansion of the UAE’s global Web3 business.Founded in 2002, DMCC is the largest free trade zone in the UAE; in 2021, the government launched the DMCC Encryption Center, a comprehensive ecosystem for enterprises in the encryption and blockchain fields.The data shows that, of all MENA countries, the UAE is the most crypto-focused country.


    Animoca Joint Creation: Royalties make it possible for NFT projects to flourish

    Yat Siu, co-founder of Animoca Brands, said, “Royalties have helped drive the growth of the NFT economy, and all these innovations are happening because royalties can be collected.”Despite the bear market engulfing most of 2022, the NFT industry has amassed sales worth over $24 billion.That means billions of dollars going to creators, but more importantly, even more money going to owners of those assets that power an industry that makes creating companies like Blur, OpenSea, or Magic Eden a reality. possible.“Without royalties, there’s not enough money in the ecosystem to support project innovation, and if you remove that, then from our perspective, you actually end up setting the industry back,” Siu said.


    Data: On March 16, 183 Ethereum validators voluntarily withdrew, the second highest record since the merger

    News on March 18, according to Glassnode data, the number of Ethereum validators voluntarily quit reached 183 on March 16, setting the second highest record since the merger.Voluntary exit means that validators choose to stop participating in the consensus and leave the validator pool queue. They will no longer propose or prove blocks, and they will not be able to withdraw the previously pledged ETH after the Shanghai upgrade.


    Binance: Completed the contract swap of STG on blockchains such as Ethereum, Arbitrum One and Polygon

    According to Binance’s latest announcement, Binance has completed the swap of new STG tokens and original STG tokens on AVAX C Chain, Arbitrum One, BNB Smart Chain , Ethereum , Fantom and Polygon blockchains, The original STG token will revert to STG as the trading symbol on the Binance platform, and deposits and withdrawals of STG are now open.The withdrawn STG tokens will use STGOLD as the transaction code. STGOLD deposits are now open, and STGOLD token withdrawals will no longer be supported.Binance reminds that users who withdraw STGOLD after the initial swap is completed re-deposit STGOLD on the Deposit Crypto page, because STGOLD has no value, and then can continue to exchange STGOLD tokens for STG through the convert function.


    Metaverse platform Oncyber launches AI tool to allow users to customize NFT

    Web3 metaverse platform Oncyber has revealed that it has developed an artificial intelligence tool called Magic Composer that allows users to customize their environment through text commands.By putting a line of text into Magic Composer, Oncyber can automatically change the look and color of the sky, place an artist’s NFT artwork from a connected crypto wallet, customize the look and size of picture frames in the world, and more.Oncyber plans to roll out the AI tool to a select group of testers starting Monday, March 20. Oncyber allows users to introduce their own NFTs in Ethereum, Solana, Polygon and other networks.


    Web3 data storage solution KYVE mainnet is now live

    On March 18th, the main network of Web3 data storage solution KYVE is now online, and another innovative solution based on the Cosmos SDK is proposed to enhance the developer experience, with the goal of making data a trustless public product.The KYVE blockchain is divided into two layers: the chain layer and the protocol layer. The chain layer is the backbone of KYVE, which protects the network through DPoS, governs and maintains the overall structure. The protocol layer acts as a decentralized data pool, and protocol nodes can participate in acquiring, storing and verifying data.On March 21, KYVE’s inflation-supporting governance proposal will be passed to ensure that the KYVE mainnet is more fully functional and secure. The next step is to launch KYVE tokens.At the same time, the KYVE data pipeline has also been launched, and it will take 6-8 weeks for the first data pool to be launched on the test network and the main network. In the meantime, the data pipeline will continue to pull data from the KYVE devnet Korellia’s data pool.


    The Opendao (SOS$) team announced the upcoming release of a new project AI Dao Network, token (AOS$)

    According to official news, the Opendao team announced that it will soon release a new project AI Dao Nerwork, the token AOS$, with a total of 10 billion pieces. 10000:1 to receive AOS airdrop after block snapshot.AI DAO Network is a decentralized financial protocol based on Openai , dedicated to opening up a bridge between artificial intelligence AI and the encryption world.



    Encrypted asset company Hashdex plans to launch bitcoin spot ETF

    With the Bitcoin futures ETF listed on the New York Stock Exchange for six months, crypto asset manager Hashdex has begun gradually rolling out spot products.Marcelo Sampaio, CEO and co-founder of the company, said: “Spot Bitcoin ETF is inevitable, we just don’t know when and under what circumstances.” Although it is difficult to determine a timeline, he believes that spot ETF Will be authorized by the Chairman of the US SEC.


    BAYC: Resolved issue where companion traits were not displaying correctly on HV-MTL power supplies, and sent ETH to affected users

    The Bored Ape Yacht Club has tweeted that it has fixed an issue where companion traits were not displaying correctly on HV-MTL power supplies.Metadata has been updated and traits have been added back to the collection. We also identified all instances where a user purchased an HV-MTL power supply with the mislabeled Companion feature before 7:44 PM EST.For any buyers who last purchased these NFTs before the cutoff time, we will send ETH to the affected wallet to make up the difference between the payment amount and the minimum amount. This should be done within the next 24 hours.


    Midland Education’s 2022 annual revenue from cryptocurrency-related businesses totals 81.599 million yuan, accounting for 20.4% of total revenue

    Midland Education’s 2022 annual revenue from cryptocurrency-related businesses totals 81.599 million yuan, accounting for 20.4% of total revenueMidland Education released its 2022 annual report. During the year, Midland’s total revenue was 399 million yuan, a decrease of 45.2% from 729 million yuan in 2021. Among them, in 2022, Midland’s cryptocurrency-related business will have a total revenue of 81.599 million yuan, accounting for 20.4% of the total revenue.Midland Education pointed out that in the fiscal year ending December 31, 2022, Bitcoin mining contributed the vast majority of revenue. Midland Education states that it stores all mined bitcoins in hot wallets or cryptocurrency wallets connected to the Internet, and may convert mined bitcoins into legal tender from time to time to generate cash flow for the subsidiary’s business Operations are financed.As of December 31, 2022, the subsidiary has a total of 1,754 mining machines, and a total of 1,482 have been deployed, accounting for 84.5%, with a total computing power of 140PH/S. Through subsidiaries, Midland manages and operates our mining machines from three colocation facilities operated by colocation facility owners in Tennessee and Kentucky, respectively. In the fiscal year ending December 31, 2022, a total of 84.9638 bitcoins were mined, generating approximately 16.5966 million yuan in revenue.


    Hello Pets launched a $6 million NFT and metaverse fund, and purchased 10 BAYC

    Web3 entertainment project Hello Pets announced the launch of a $6 million metaverse expansion fund to develop and strengthen the metaverse ecosystem.It is reported that Hello Pet revealed that it has purchased 10 “boring ape” BAYC, namely: BAYC #6966, BAYC #6280, BAYC #5245, BAYC #4421, BAYC #5914, BAYC #7350, BAYC #2045, BAYC #9538, BAYC #1522, BAYC #6933, these NFTs will be integrated into movies, Metaverse, games, AR/VR applications, Lego toys, fashion and other products and services in the future.


    Swiss cooking giant Maggi launches its first NFT

    Nestle’s Swiss cooking giant “Maggi Maggi” announced that it will use blockchain technology to launch the first NFT. These NFTs will cover Maggi’s main products, including Maggi Noodles, Maggi Masala-ae-Magic and Maggi Hot & Sweet, etc. .It is reported that this is the first time that Maggi Maggi has launched NFT. Rajat Jain, head of the company’s food business, revealed that more innovative ways to interact with customers will be introduced in the future, aiming to change the rules of the game in the food and beverage industry through NFT and serve customers. Get involved in setting new standards.


    Ethereum client Nimbus updates the donation wallet address to a multi-signature address to reduce management risk

    On March 16th, the Ethereum client Nimbus announced that it will update the donation wallet address to 0xDeb4A0e8d9a8dB30a9f53AF2dCc9Eb27060c6557. Nimbus claims that this address is a multi-signature wallet address, which will reduce the risk of managing donations and strengthen internal operations.Funds from the original donation address will be transferred to this new address within the next 24 hours. The Nimbus donation address on Gitcoin will be updated with this new address in the coming days. Nimbus retains access to the funds in the original donation address.


    Data: Vietnam has more than 16.6 million cryptocurrency holders, second only to Thailand in ASEAN

    On March 16th, according to the “2022 Vietnam Cryptocurrency Market Report” recently released by Coin98 Insights, there are currently about 200 blockchain projects in operation in Vietnam, of which games and metaverse projects account for 28.8%, and DeFi accounts for 26.0%. %, NFT accounted for 12.4%, infrastructure accounted for 11.3%, and Web3 accounted for 5.1%.Vietnam has more than 16.6 million cryptocurrency holders, second only to Thailand in ASEAN, of which 31% hold BTC; seven of the world’s top 200 blockchain companies were founded by Vietnamese.


    BlackRock CEO: Tokenization of Asset Classes Can Improve Efficiency in Capital Markets

    BlackRock CEO Larry Fink pointed to several trends in digital assets in his annual letter to shareholders on Wednesday. Beyond the media’s “obsession” with Bitcoin and the FTX debacle, Fink said BlackRock has several areas of interest.In many emerging markets such as India, Brazil and parts of Africa, we are witnessing huge advances in digital payments, reducing costs and advancing financial inclusion. As for the asset management industry, the operational potential of the underlying technology of digital assets may yield exciting applications. The company will continue to explore the digital asset ecosystem, especially the areas most relevant to our clients, such as permissioned blockchains and the tokenization of stocks and bonds.


    Swiss Banking Association Proposes Deposit Tokens on Public Blockchain

    The Swiss Banking Association has published a white paper on deposit tokens. The white paper proposes issuing deposit tokens on a public blockchain to settle transactions of tokenized assets. In addition to digital assets, it also focuses on future payments, including retail wallet-based payments, micropayments, and enterprise payments. Interoperability is seen as a fundamental principle of deposit tokens.The SBA envisions three possible approaches. One avenue is so-called colored tokens, where each bank issues tokens according to its own rules. Another option is to standardize tokens, where each institution issues its own tokens, but there are standard rules that must be fully supported. The third path is Union Token, which is the path favored by the SBA.



    Australian Treasury holds consultations with Coinbase and others on digital assets and regulation

    Australia’s central bank and Treasury have held a private meeting with international cryptocurrency industry executives to discuss the future of digital assets and regulation in the country.Tom Duff Gordon, vice president of international policy at Coinbase, submitted an exchange of views on the Token Swap Consultation Paper released by the Treasury Department last month. Token mapping is the process of identifying key activities and functions of products in the crypto ecosystem and mapping them to the existing regulatory framework.Gordon said that from a central bank perspective, they are interested in financial stability and the link between the fiat traditional financial system and the encrypted system, the Australian Treasury is more interested and involved in developing the framework, we believe that as we move forward, The RBA will increasingly be involved.


    Angle Protocol: About $17.52 million of USDC was affected by the hacker attack, and DAO still holds nearly $20 million in tokens

    According to news on March 15, Angle Protocol, a decentralized stablecoin protocol, has prepared a detailed overview of the protocol after the Euler Finance hacking event based on information on the chain.Among them, the affected USDC is about 17.52 million US dollars, and the total value of tokens held by DAO is about 19.59 million US dollars. The team is closely monitoring the situation and cooperating with the authorities to provide all the help they can provide to investigate the hacker Attack, will share updates as soon as they are received.


    STEPN developer Find Satoshi Lab announced the launch of the NFT AIGC product GNT and will start a beta event

    March 15 news, according to official news, STEPN developer Find Satoshi Lab announced that it will launch the NFT AI generated content product GNT, GNT can provide users with a one-stop service to create and mint NFT on the multi-chain NFT market MOOAR , without the need for AI-related knowledge or the deployment process of smart contracts.It is reported that the GNT alpha test version will be free for a limited time in the next few days, and creators need to burn GMT to generate and mint NFT.


    Data: 30-day correlation between Bitcoin and European stocks falls below -0.2, hitting a two-year low

    The data shows that the 30-day correlation between Bitcoin and European stock markets fell below -0.2, the lowest level in more than two years, and the 30-day correlation between Bitcoin and Nasdaq fell to about 0.2, which was at the lowest level in more than a year. The second lowest level since November 2022 .As previously reported, the 30-day correlation between Bitcoin and Nasdaq in May 2022 climbed to the highest level since July 2020 .